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Index To Oakland In The News: 1886 & Beyond.

The index is for your convenience so you don’t, have to hunt through the archives to find out what story you would like to read. This book is 16, chapters long, with added articles. Under each chapter number there is a small description on what the chapter is about, while the other titles are self explanatory.

Chapter one.

The introduction, My Memories of Oakland, then goes on to tell of Oakland’s beginnings and of Oakland’s additions this chapter has two photo’s.

Chapter two.

This chapter tells of the land, Government, schools and library, this page has three photo’s.

Chapter three.

This chapter tells about the Churches, this page has two Photo’s.

Chapter four.

This chapter tells of all the Clubs and Lodges in Oakland.

Chapter five.

This chapter tells of the Woolen Mill, The Starch factory, Oakland’s Cannery, Oakland’s National Guard, Oakland’s Parks, The Rapid Transit, The Oakland Bank, Copeland’s Hall, Kelsey School, Bike Trials, Kelsey Hotel and Oakland’s Theaters this page has eight photo’s.

Chapter six.

This chapter tells of some of the Oakland’s family’s, The Billard’s, Sardou’s, Kelsey’s, Longren’s and the Poort’s, no photo’s.

Chapter seven.

This chapter cover the Oakland News from January 1, 1889, through December 26, 1890, no photo’s.

Chapter eight.

The chapter cover the Oakland News from January 2, 1891 through December 18, 1892, no photo’s.

Chapter nine.

This chapter covers the Roster of Oakland’s National Guards ( 123, names ) and Oakland’s News story’s from March 5, 1893 through September 23, 1894, there are two photo’s.

Chapter ten.

This chapter will cover New story’s from April 23, 1895 through December 22, 1903, there are some missing years, and the Business directory of 1889-1923.

Chapter eleven.

This chapter cover the Oakland new December 9, 1904 through April 28, 1905, no photo’s

Chapter twelve.

This chapter covers the Oakland News from May 5, 1905 through August 25, 1905, has two photo’s.

Chapter thirteen.

This chapter covers the Oakland News from September 1, 1905 through December 22, 1905.

Chapter fourteen.
This chapter has Oakland’s Picture Gallery and Advertisements, has fourteen photo’s.

Chapter fifteen.

This chapter has thirteen Maps of the Oakland area.

Chapter sixteen.

This chapter has the City Directory of 1912, with over 1,200 names, and the listing of my sources.

How to add your story to Oakland’s history.

This page tells you how you can add your photo’s and stories to this site.

Oakland's Obituaries.

Page 1,

Oakland’s Local News.






Oakland's Marriages & Wedding Anniversarys.

Oakland's-Topeka’s first built airplane.

This page tells of Alvin K. Longren building his airplane, many photos.

Growing up in Oakland & Kansas, by Edith Foss Mohney.

The memories of Mrs. Mohney’s growing up in Oakland this is a must read, if you want to know more about Oakland.

Ghosts In Oakland?

This is about the possibility of ghost in Oakland you’ll have to decide for your selves.

Alfred & Thomas D. Ward-1892.

This is a story given by Del Kahre, of Colorado Springs, about her Great-Great-grandfather’s brush with death and the death of his brother. There is one photo of the Sun Flower Girl Scouts.

Tavares Market.
201 N. Lake.

This is a face book page put together by Jenny Tavares. This page is about the good times at the market. There are some photos.

New, May 8, 2011.
Kelsey family information by: Greta ( Townsend )Kelsey.

Kelsey Family Information By Greta (Townsend) Kelsey.

My name is Greta (Townsend) Kelsey). My husband was Richard ””Dick” Kelsey”. Just ran across your Oakland site a while ago & read the part about the Kelsey farm family. When someone got the information together about the family that you used a generation kind of got left out. Anyway, if you are interested, the following information is correct.

Melvin “M.T.” Kelsey (my husband’s grandfather) & Fannie Jenkins’ children were Scott E. Kelsey & Chester “Chet” Kelsey.

Scott E. Kelsey (my father-in-law) married Iva Carothers & their children were Scott “Scotty” W., Samuel “Sam”, & Richard D. “Dick” Kelsey (my husband).

Scotty Kelsey married Faye Townsend & their children are Linda & Douglas

Sam Kelsey was widowed twice & his children are Gaylord, Francis, & Rebecca “Becky”

Dick Kelsey married Greta Townsend & their children are Jeline & Richard “Rick”

Chester “Chet” Kelsey married Lillian & their children were Barbara & Diana

The name of their farms is Northwood Farms (not Northland)

My husband’s grandfather, Melvin “M.T.s”, brother was Grant Kelsey. One of his children was Myron & he married Eula. Their children were Marjorie & Myron, Jr. (I knew the family.)

I lived in Oakland until I was married then we moved to the farm at Rossville. My sister, Faye, and I married brothers, Scott & Dick. My parents lived in Oakland until they passed away at ages 82 & 93.

My two brothers, Hubert & Bill, lived there until they passed away 3 & 7 years ago. My in-laws lived there many years, too, so I’ve always had ties to Oakland.

By: Greta (Townsend) Kelsey.

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Alfred & Thomas D. Ward-1892

Del Kahre, of Colorado Springs, Co., sent this information about her great-great-grandfather.

My great-great-grandparents settled in Oakland in 1892. My grandmother was married from her home in Oakland in 1931. Here is a story about my great-great-grandfather's brush with death.

From Topeka Daily Capital, Thursday, August 11, 1892. Page 4, Column 4
Topeka Public Library, Topeka, Kansas

Thomas Ward Caught By Falling Timbers Which Crushed His Skull.

After Lingering Unconscious For Many Hours, He Breathed His Last Yesterday Morning Others of the Family Narrowly Escape the Same Fate.

There is an old saying to the effect that lightning does not strike twice in the same place, and while this may be true of lightning it does not hold good when applied to tornadoes.

There is a handsome two story brick dwelling located on Green street near Indiana avenue, on the Oakland electric car line, which suffered severely from a raging hurricane last spring. A portion of the roof and brick work of the south gable exposure, having been wrenched away at that time. Tuesday evening when the storm burst upon Topeka, it again sought this spot, and seizing upon a large two story frame barn, thirty by twenty feed in dimensions, situated on the west end of the premises, it careened it completely over. In its fall, it crushed a little frame play house, adjoining it on the east, burying in the debris two boys of 10 and 14 years of age.

They were the children of Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Ward, who with a daughter 18 years old, made up the family who dwelt upon the premises. The family are English, having been in America but two short months, having come to this country from Lancashire. They had but recently moved into these quarters, and the house is still in an unsettled condition. The father is employed at the Santa Fe storehouse and at the time of the casualty was at work. The mother and daughter were away from the home on matters pertaining to their household affairs, and the two boys--Alfred, aged 10 years, and Thomas Dickinson Ward, aged 14 years--were the only persons at home when the storm broke. They were upon the east veranda at the time, but the wind and rain becoming so terrific they thought it would be safer in their playhouse than in the brick dwelling, so they unfortunately sought safety there. They were not in this retreat for more than a few minutes before the wind buried the huge barn upon their frail structure. When they heard the crash they threw themselves face downward upon the floor and Alfred escaped with only a slight bruise upon his head, but poor Thomas had his head wedged between two timbers, which crushed his skull so severely as to cause contusion of the brain. He remained unconscious until 3:15 o'clock Wednesday morning, when he peacefully breathed his last.

A neighbor, Mr. Dichey, seeing the barn was blown over, called to investigate and to render any assistance necessary. Calling upon another neighbor, Mr. Moore, by great exertion they soon freed the boys from their perilous situation, and carried the inanimate form of poor Tom into the dwelling. Mrs. Moore then hastened for medical assistance, and Drs. Millard and Ellinger were upon the scene of disaster as soon as it was possible for them to arrive there. But three-quarters of an hour had fully elapsed before they arrived, and about the same time the anxious mother and daughter and the grief-stricken father also arrived, they having been notified of the catastrophy. A hasty examination by the physicians disclosed the fact that there was no hope for poor Tom, and all they could do was to make the end as easy as possible.

Alfred escaped, but Thomas was called. He was an intelligent, studious and industrious boy, and his untimely death is a severe blow to a deserving and worthy family.

The funeral will take place this (Thursday) morning at 10 o'clock.

Del Kahre, is also kind enough to send this photo.

Note. This photo can be enlarged by pushing on it, after it opens move your arrow around and a enlarging box well come up, push on it to enlarge to full screen.

This is one of my favorite of our family photos from Oakland. It was taken on the steps of the Presbyterian church and is marked 1926. My grandmother is marked in the front row. We do not know the identity of any other person in the photo. I seem to remember this photo also being published in a history of Topeka. However, this is a copy of an original owned by my grandmother.

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Oakland Local News Page-5.

The Oakland local news stories will be a on going page look for more news stories in the near future.

Note. These news stories are linked to the Topeka Capital so you can read the full story many will have photo’s along with the story.

Briefs: Dexter wins 5K
... won the overall men’s and women’s titles this past Saturday at the 32nd annual Fiesta Mexicana 5K Run/Walk at the Oakland Community Center. Dexter won the men’s running competition in a time of 16:04.28, while Messick topped all women ...

Fiesta parade begins Friday
... Fiesta Mexicana events nightly Tuesday through July 18 in the Oakland neighborhood around Our Lady of Guadalupe Church. However ... starting at 6:30 a.m. and the race start at 8 a.m. at the Oakland Community Center, N.E. Sardou and Poplar, which also is

Fiesta to start with a blaze
... School gets started Tuesday. The nightly Mexican food sales, carnival rides, live entertainment and other activities in the Oakland neighborhood around the church continue through Saturday. Scott Blair, a meteorologist for the Topeka office of the National ...

Fiesta royalty reflect
... fiesta queen, participated in the opening Mass for this year's fiesta, which begins Tuesday and runs through Saturday in the Oakland neighborhood around Our Lady of Guadalupe Church. In the four months since they began their fiesta royalty campaigns, the

Omaha brings Mexico to Topeka
... employed Mexican laborers. South Omaha, where Mariachi Luna y Sol is based, has similarities, Mora said, to Topeka’s Oakland neighborhood, where the fiesta winds down its 76th anniversary edition Saturday. Mora said the age of the 10 musicians in ...

Fiesta FAQ
... sales begin at 4 p.m. Friday and Saturday, and the entertainment continues each night until midnight. Where is it at? The Oakland neighborhood around Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, 1008 N.E. Atchison, becomes the fiesta grounds with vendors lining streets ...

Editorial: Festival is signature event
... s edition. We’d encourage those who haven’t to take in the parade and party and visit the fiesta grounds, in the Oakland neighborhood around Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, on at least one evening during the event’s run there from Tuesday through ...

Fiesta ride once was MJ's
... Both said the Zipper, which is located at the north end of the carnival near Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in the city’s Oakland area, compared favorably in excitement production with the Kamikaze, another popular ride at the carnival. Doug Barton ...

Fiesta royalty raise $95,702

... Sunday, all three royalty will participate in the opening Mass of the fiesta, which runs Tuesday through Saturday in the Oakland neighborhood around Our Lady of Guadalupe Church. The opening Mass, which will be celebrated in both English and Spanish ...

Pastors pull double-duty
... my full-time job. I don't see any drawbacks between it and my work in the ministry." The Rev. Bob Hattle, pastor of Oakland Presbyterian Church, 2810 N.E. Thomas, is a registered nurse who worked nearly 30 years in hospital settings before entering ...

Oakland area gets recycle bins
Residents in the Oakland area will have more opportunities to recycle as the city has placed ... nearby park. Blue bins can now be found behind the ball diamonds at Oakland Park, south of the treatment plant. The City of Topeka’s Water ...

Fire hits Oakland home again
... Firefighters on Tuesday afternoon were called back out to an Oakland home that had caught fire a day earlier. Crews responded to ... shortly after Neisha Carter and her children stepped out of their Oakland home for about a half hour. When they returned just before ...

Tree strikes vehicles, garage
Jarred and Megan Annett had plans to remove a silver maple tree from their yard in the city’s Oakland neighborhood. Mother Nature beat them to the punch. The large tree fell at 9 a.m. Tuesday, striking three of their vehicles ...

Burn victim doing 'much better'
... A man who was critically burned Wednesday morning when he came into contact with a live power line while working outside an Oakland church was doing "much better" Thursday at a Kansas City, Kan., hospital, a spokesman for his Topeka employer said ...

Worker burned by live wire
... man suffered critical injuries Wednesday morning when he came into contact with a live power line while working outside an Oakland church. Steve Starnes, 56, an employee of Martinek and Flynn Siding, was taken to St. Francis Health Center by American ...

Hispanic church faces foreclosure
... Rev. Joel Martinez has led Ebenezer Evangelical Church, 437 N.E. Twiss, a small Hispanic congregation in Topeka’s Oakland community, funding it largely through his income from a full-time job. “I minister mostly to people who have just come ...

New locomotive unveiled
... rolled out the nation’s first hydrogen-powered fuel cell locomotive Monday morning at the railroad’s shops in the Oakland neighborhood. BNSF, Vehicle Projects, Sen. Sam Brownback, R-Kan., and the Department of the Army announced plans to ...

Booms on 4th, brooms on 5th
Evidence of a festive Fourth filled the streets of Oakland on Sunday morning. Brightly colored boxes and tubes, all half-charred, lined ... was the rest of her block’s. The next step for the Oakland neighbors is picking up. And though she enjoys seeing her ...

Church organist retiring
... forth as organist and choir director at Oakland Presbyterian Church, 2810 N.E. Thomas ... remained a pillar in her small church in the Oakland area of northeast Topeka. It would be ... Topeka residents have never driven past Oakland Presbyterian Church and would need a map ...
Letter: Protect children
... inside, unrestrained while she went into the BP gas station in Oakland on Wednesday morning. I did you a favor. You see, I waited ... running vehicle. Although you may think the BP parking lot in Oakland is fairly safe — and it probably is, especially in the mornings ...

Letter: Another treasure
... finalists for the 8 Wonders of Kansas Cuisine list. While I certainly agree with these choices, the La Siesta restaurant in Oakland is an often overlooked treasure that is unsurpassed in Mexican fare. This restaurant has been in business since the 1950s ...

Serving a bountiful harvest
... church, which is at 1616 N.E. Seward Ave. in the city's Oakland neighborhood. Members of the congregation and community gather ... We feel called," Hull said. "We're glad to be in Oakland. We believe this is our place." Travis Perry can be reached ...

Alcala sees burglary, gives chase
... sitting on the front porch of his home at 520 N.E. Lake in the Oakland neighborhood. “I heard some jabbering, you know, like people arguing with each other,” Alcala ... coming back into this neighborhood,” he said, adding the Oakland area is one where people keep an eye out for one ...

Authentic German food to abound at festival
... Sacred Heart-St. Joseph Parish Germanfest, which will be Saturday and Sunday. Virginia Engroff, who was born and raised in Oakland, has been involved with the event for at least 25 years. She works alongside the men and women of the parish to make authentic ...

Driver critical after crash
... Medical Response ambulance to a local hospital late Monday night after a violent crash at N.E. Sardou and Winfield in the Oakland neighborhood of northeast Topeka. Police at the scene said the driver of a red Ford pickup truck involved in the crash suffered ...

Motorcyclist dies in collision with truck
... while riding in the 800 block of N.E. Oakland, police said. Topeka police said a Chevrolet ... dirt bike about 2:45 p.m. at N.E. Oakland and Fairchild. Police said the motorcycle ... the truck, traveling south on N.E. Oakland. Officers said the motorcycle driver ...

Man in police custody after Oakland stabbing
... with the stabbing of a 32-year-old woman in the city's Oakland neighborhood, police said. Officers located the man suspected ... reported about 8 p.m. at a home in the 1000 block of N.E. Oakland. Police said the victim and the man who stabbed her were believed

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Ghosts In Oakland?

Ghost in Oakland?, you got to be kidding then maybe not. When I was doing this book on Oakland I never heard stories about any ghost, but then maybe no one wanted to talk about the subject as it is a church community. I myself am a little skeptical, but then some times you just got to wonder. There are a lot old homes in Oakland, and when you drive by and look at them don’t we make a picture in minds what it might have look like in the 1800, hundreds or early 1900, hundreds in a sine we are bring up ghosts of the past, so why couldn’t there be the real thing. A few year ago I lived in a 1927, house at 745 Wabash, lived there ten years and never heard or see anything out of the ordinary.

Then one late afternoon as my wife and daughters were getting ready to go to a concert they wanted me to take a picture of the sign they had made to take to the concert. Well we took it out side and lean it against the front porch and took a few flash pictures, then forgot about them. A few weeks later we all were sitting around and looking at the pictures when suddenly one of the girls yelled out “There’s a man in our window.” Well we all had to take a look and sure enough there he was a face of a man in our window. Well we tried to figure it out, we would look at the picture then go out side and look at the window but we could never figure it out.

Now I know there are a lot of you out there that are skeptical so you’ll just have to look at the pictures and decided for your shelf’s. Now I know some of you will say it’s clouds reflecting off the window, but that wasn’t it, it was a cloudless day, then how about the flash? as you can see there is no flash on the window and the porch is in dark shadow, so there is no real explanation.

To make these photo's full screen just push on them.

Can you see the Ghost?, take another look.

Here is a good look.

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Edith Foss Mohney-Growing up in Oakland & Kansas

Edith F. Mohney lived most of her life at 834 Wabash it was one of the oldest houses in Oakland, When her Granddaughter Martha Schneck asked what it was like growing up in Oakland and Kansas, Mrs. Mohney wrote a story in 1972, about her memories in Oakland and Kansas then in 1999, Mrs. Martha Schneck put the story up at a web site called Ks. Gen. web, internet Genealogical Society, under the title, Letters, Memories & family stories:
For those of you who are wanting to know more of Oakland's history this is a must read. I found the information very helpful, however I did find one small erorr, Mrs. Mohney states that the Oakland Bank was on the south-west corner of Wabash & Thomas this is not so, the bank sat on the south-east corner.

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xanga statistics